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Time Warner Cable is our Service Provider.

The New Channel Lineup

Process for reporting a problem with your cable TV service.

Call 518 869-5500 and once the Time Warner Representative comes online say “Hi I am from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and have a cable TV problem”. At this point they will ask you a few things about the service and the type of problem.

Due to limitations in Time Warners reporting system you may be asked for an account number or an address. There is no account number to give them, but you can use the main campus address with your dorm and room number as the address.

So it would look like this:

110 8th Street
Barton Hall 1234 -
replace with your information
Troy, NY 12180

Unless you will have called in the past, you will be told at this point that you are not in the system. Simply reply that this is correct but that you still need service and they should check with their supervisor.

They may put you on hold while they verify the account, but when they come back online you should be given an appointment.

Some things to know

This is a campus account/service and no premium services other then those supplied are available. No "convertor box" is needed to view the signal on our system nor will they work.

While we have Time Warner cable tv it is not the exact same you might receive if you live off campus. In fact we provide a number of channels, both premium and otherwise, that are not featured to the public. See the channel lineup for details.

Trouble Shooting Tip's or Why isnt my TV working?

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Verify if the problem is in your room or in the building by asking a neighbor or going to a public TV and scanning the channels.
    1. If the problem is happening with them, follow the directions above for reporting the problem.
    2. If the other displays are fine and you still have no reception.
      1. Verify that the wire which connects the wall outlet to your display is fully seated and tight.
      2. If you have more than one device inline, e.g. you have a VCR, remove these additional device(s) and plug straight into the display. Then verify signal again.
      3. If still bad, follow the directions above for reporting the problem.
    3. If the other displays are fine and you still bad reception or missing channels.
      1. Rescan your TV’s internal tuner and verify again. Unfortunately there are many types of TV tuners and no one set of directions will be accurate. But the following are from a LG LCD display.
        1. Press Menu on the remote control
        2. Select Channel
        3. Select Auto Tune

At this point the TV tuner will begin scanning the channels. Depending on how many “bands” of channels your TV handles, e.g. digital/analog/CATV/DTV, this operation can take up to 5 minutes.

    1. If after the scan you still are experiencing difficulties please follow the directions noted above for reporting an issue. 

One final note regarding TV Tuners, it is possible that you are receiving the channels but not in the exact lineup noted online in the PDF.

An example might be with MTV2, where we have found that some of the older displays we use do not show it on Channel 30.1, but rather on 100-30. This is due to the firmware in the display and not with the broadcasted signal.

Pictured below is a representative communications outlet found in the residence halls. On each communications outlet, the "Cable TV" connection is the cable TV source. Outlet configurations vary, so if your room does not have a communications outlet, locate the connection in your room that matches the metal "Cable TV" connection shown in the picture. That is your cable TV source.

Photo of typical communication outlet

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