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Cable TV Service Request
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Trouble Shooting Tip's or Why isnt my TV working?

Troubleshooting Tips

Pictured below is a representative communications outlet found in the residence halls. On each communications outlet, the "Cable TV" connection is the cable TV source. Outlet configurations vary, so if your room does not have a communications outlet, locate the connection in your room that matches the metal "Cable TV" connection shown in the picture. That is your cable TV source.

Photo of typical communication outlet

  1. Verify if the problem is in your room or in the building by asking a neighbor or going to a public TV and scanning the channels.
    1. If the problem is happening with them, follow the directions above for reporting the problem.
    2. If the other displays are fine and you still have no reception.
      1. Verify that the wire which connects the wall outlet to your display is fully seated and tight.
      2. If you have more than one device inline, e.g. you have a VCR, remove these additional device(s) and plug straight into the display. Then verify signal again.
      3. If still bad, follow the directions above for reporting the problem.
    3. If the other displays are fine and you still bad reception or missing channels.
      1. Rescan your TV’s internal tuner and verify again. Unfortunately there are many types of TV tuners and no one set of directions will be accurate. But the following are from a LG LCD display.
        1. Press Menu on the remote control
        2. Select Channel
        3. Select Auto Tune

You tried all that and it still doesnt work...

At this point you will need to contact Apogee to schedule a technician to have a look. They are available 24/7/365 and you have options.

You can open a Live Chat session. Simply go to their website at and select the Live Chat link.

You can email them at

Or you can call them at 855-465-6770

Whichever way you decide to contact them they will need some basic information.

  • Your full name.
  • Your RCS ID.
  • Your building.
  • Your dorm room number.
  • The telephone number to reach you at.
  • The best time to reach you to schedule a service call.
  • A detailed description of the problem.
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